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This company (the Creech League) has been an outlet for both my full time work in film, web and marketing, as well as how I continue to create and stay fresh on-the-side while I’m a full-time CMO at Seven Edge. We’ve been a team and we’ve been just me with possible sub-contractors. We were a small shop with a large network of gifted professionals we’d lead to accomplish marketing, media and consulting services.  My strength comes from my artistic devotion to story and willingness to tackle difficult problems. The smart ones say that your brand is the story that your fans tell about you. I can help make sure that story is true, clear, and loud.[/one_third]

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[animation type=”fadeInLeft” delay=”0.7s”] [one_third] [about_box icon=”leaf” title=”Marketing”] Marketing has changed. You need a good guide through modern branding and digital marketing. You need growth hackers. It’s what I do – but more importantly, it’s what I’m committed to learn to do more and more over the course of my life. You can have great marketing and growth without the overhead of large firms. It’s a gift that I’ve grown up in this new area, and have the lucky chance to gain 12+ years experience in learning how to connect the solid marketing and sales wisdom of the past 100 years to today’s evolving market[/about_box] [/one_third] [/animation] [animation type=”fadeInUp” delay=”0.9s”] [one_third] [about_box icon=”flask” title=”Digital Film”] I’m a filmmaker and storyteller at my heart,  and I enter the world of marketing from. I believe good storytelling powers carry over into branding and many things in life that deal with humans (almost everything)[/about_box] [/one_third] [/animation] [animation type=”fadeInRight” delay=”1.1s”] [one_third] [about_box icon=”trophy” title=”The Connected Web “] It’s about websites. It’s about social media. It’s about real time relationships and real time connections, and mountains of data. While I didn’t grow up a typical nerd, now I’m addicted to technology and am always seeking new ways to utilize the technological power of the web (while nailing the heart of the brand-story that us artists live to create) in order to produce real results. [/about_box] [/one_third] [/animation]


[small_title] THE MIX OF SKILLS I TRY TO KEEP GROWING [/small_title] [wrapper_div] [animation type=”fadeInLeft” delay=”2.1s”] [one_fourth][skill_box percent=”90″] Film Expertise [/skill_box][/one_fourth] [one_fourth][skill_box percent=”90″] Marketing Strategy [/skill_box][/one_fourth] [/animation] [animation type=”fadeInRight” delay=”2.1s”] [one_fourth][skill_box percent=”90″] Web Development [/skill_box][/one_fourth] [one_fourth][skill_box percent=”90″] Social Media Management [/skill_box][/one_fourth] [/animation] [/wrapper_div]